Meredith Goat’s Chevre – Plain – 150g

Meredith Dairy - Meredith VIC

Meredith Dairy’s Chèvre is a young goat cheese made from the fresh curd. It’s soft and creamy, with a mild, buttery flavour. It’s beautiful as a part of a cheese platter, though we’d suggest starting with the chèvre and working your way up to stronger cheeses, as you would otherwise risk missing the subtleties of this beautiful cheese!

Meredith Dairy Farm is the largest of its kind in Australia, milking both sheep and goats and processing dairy products every day. There are 4 milking platforms on the main farm and 2 sharefarmers on nearby sites. With the aim is to value-add all farm produce, not just milk, to produce the best products we can and farm in a responsible and sustainable way, their approach is a shining example of holistic agriculture. Cheese and yoghurt is made every day from the milk collected on the same day. The grains grown on the farm are used by the dairy animals, the straw is used for bedding, cheese whey is fed to beef cattle and the manure is returned to the soil as fertiliser.


Pasteurised Goat Milk, Salt, Cultures, Non-Animal Rennet. Best consumed within 7 days of opening.



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