Food can change our world

Local first...

Our mission is to help develop a new local, organic food system by supporting the growth of small independent growers and producers who share a holistic, sustainable approach to their life and work.  The result will be an increase in production of healthy organic food that truly nourishes our community, sustains our natural environment and contributes toward a shift in our culture as consumers.

We aim to foster a direct connection between sustainable-minded growers and consumers, and in doing so grow a system which has greater accountability than the faceless corporate ‘supermarket’ alternative. Real food for real people, and food that is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food grown in heavily mechanised, chemical-based mainstream monoculture systems.


Food grown naturally using organic methods is full of the nutrients our bodies need to be strong, healthy and full of energy; our minds will be clear and focused.

The simple power of food is it is not only the fuel that drives us as individuals every day, it is the fuel that drives our world. As we realise our world is not as it should be, we search to repair it, and one of these ways is with how we grow, supply and consume our food as local & global communities.

Food that tastes great, is full of life and energy and is grown in a way that regenerates our soils helps ensure that nutritious food will be abundant for our grandchildren and beyond.

Eliminate waste

We keep packaging to an absolute minimum and are constantly looking at ways to further eliminate wasteful packaging.  We opt for larger serves of grocery items in order to reduce packaging and try to buy dry goods in bulk and then bag for you in recycled paper bags. Unfortunately sometimes there is no suitable alternative that will ensure your food reaches you in a fresh and safe condition – rest assured the use of plastic in our boxes is a last resort.

Please leave your boxes out for us to pick up next time – many thanks!