About Us

We are Nomes and Aaron and, along with our two beautiful kids and Tazi the dog, we live in Bellingen.  As partners we share a common passion for the role that food plays in the health and wellbeing of people, communities and our planet.  We are from families that grow their own food and believe in the benefits of localised food systems and their ability to strengthen local economies, benefit our environment and help ensure we all have access to the most freshest, most nutritious food possible. 

Bello Food Box was originally formed in 2010 by local members of the Northbank Community Garden in Bellingen, with the purpose of helping distribute growers’ produce to the local community.  Today, we are a small family-run business and are still operate on the principle of local-first produce and groceries of the highest standard.   

Our organic doorstep delivery service services across the mid-north coast from Urunga to Dorrigo in the west and from Gladstone to Red Rock in the north. 

Bello Food Box is an expression of our shared passions and we wish to share it with you.  Thanks for your support – we couldn’t be doing this without you.