Dona Cholita – Chipotle Corn Chips

Dona Cholita - Burringbar, NSW

The original corn chip, Totopos are Mexican corn tortilla chips.

Made from tortillas, hand cut and fried in small batches using only the best ingredients, Himalayan pink salt and certified non-gmo rice bran oil.

Totopos are just like a regular chip, only 100 times better, as healthy and tasty as a chip can get. Ours are made from Mexican tortillas which use nixtamalized maize flour, this process activates the maize, which breaks down enzymes making it easier for your body to digest and access the nutrients in the corn. Commercial corn chips are made with dried corn/maize, so lack the additional nutritional benefits.

Totopos go well with dips or as the base of nachos, they won’t go soggy like a commercial chip (not really Mexican, but an old fave, so why not), or simply by themselves.

$9.50 170g

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Currently Unavailable