Vegan Dairy – Vegan Cultured Butter 200gm

Vegan Dairy - VIC

Rich, smooth cultured vegan butter, lightly salted. This vegan butter tastes, spreads, melts and bakes like the real thing.

A delicious probiotic rich, cultured, vegan & gluten-free butter!

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, filtered water, cold filtered rice bran oil, sea salt, soy lecithin, organic hemp, annatto.

Minimum shelf life of 1-2 months. This product can also be frozen! No Additives or preservatives

Taste & pairing

The creamy vegan alternative to your everyday butter. Can be used as a substitute in any recipes containing butter .. sweet or savoury Or just use it on your toast in the mornings .. the possibilities are endless.


Please keep refrigerated.

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