Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Tasteless – 1L

United Organics ACO#748

Certified Organic Premium cold pressed virgin coconut oil that won’t make everything taste coconutty!

Oil is cold pressed filtered naturally & dry steamed. This extraction technique produces an almost flavourless & colourless coconut oil. No processing like bleaching or chemical refining occurs & there are no artificial or added nasties!

This quality renders expeller-pressed coconut oil an ideal option for individuals seeking cooking oils without strong flavors. You can use expeller-pressed coconut oil in the same manner as any other coconut oil, ensuring it harmonizes with the dish’s flavors rather than dominating them.

Coconut oil has a smoke point of about 180°C and due to its stability, it is slow to oxidise and resistant to rancidity. This makes it one of the healthiest options for cooking and frying, and also great in baked goods. Tasteless coconut oil is great for baking & frying when your recipe does not require a coconut flavour. The flavourless quality makes it very versatile. You can substitute most recipes that use oil or butter with coconut oil.

No bleaching and nothing added.
• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• Raw
• Cold Pressed
• Unrefined
• Premium quality

$12.95 1L

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