Miso – Enokido – Barley – Long Use By!

Enokido - Sydney, NSW

Organic barley miso

Ingredients: Certified organic soy beans, certified organic barley, sea salt

Enokido Miso was founded by Shinji Hiraoka who was one of the first Japanese chefs in Sydney (1982).
Miso making is an integral part of life in Japan with traditional techniques and recipes being passed on for generations. Today, the Hiraoka family continue that tradition, handcrafting miso in Sydney following traditional techniques and carrying the name of Shinji’s mother.

Passionate about organics and high quality, Enokido Miso is handmade using only the finest of Australian grown organic ingredients. While the majority of miso sold in Japan today has been pasteurised to extend its shelf life, the miso of Enokido Miso remains unpasteurised.

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