Bare Beauty – Hairy Hemp Shampoo Bar

Bare Beauty Essentials - Bonville NSW

Locally handmade in Middle Boambee!

Make the change to this  zero waste, nasty toxin free shampoo bar which makes your hair feel silkier with each wash. Detox all of the build up of synthetic substances from your hair with this hemp oil rich beauty bar!

We recommend rinsing your hair with a clarifying and conditioning blend of apple cider vinegar and warm water after washing with the shampoo bar.

Ingredients: Hops infused distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, organic hemp oil, castor oil, lye, organic neem oil, organic shea butter, bees wax, spirulina, rose geranium & rosemary essential oils.

$8.95 each

Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable