Lets Talk About Quality … Baby!

In our many years working in the organic scene, 2022 was probably the worst year we’ve seen for quality and availability…

Flooding destroyed crops and produce was often mould or rot affected from too much moisture. Farm labour was also a big issue. International backpackers are usually a large part of the harvest trail workforce, but Covid removed the welcome mat for overseas travellers. There were also less local workers involved too. This meant there was a much smaller pool of growers to source from.

So we generally saw lower quality and higher prices 😫

However, this year we are starting to see things improve markedly. Thanks to the drier weather with a weakening of La Niña, more farmers coming back to full steam, and an entering into a great time of year for growing.

We are also seeing gradual price drops across multiple lines.

If you’ve been burnt by sub par quality and have gone elsewhere, we recommend giving us another go as we think you’ll be impressed with the quality we are seeing from growers now.

Quality Control

One of our main focuses is making sure all produce is very carefully checked before it’s allowed on our packing floor. We’ve emphasised with the packing team to be fussy with quality.

The quality control job was quite smooth last week though as produce was just looking so good!

Some happy snaps of this week’s awesome quality produce

Again though, if we slip and you’re ever less than impressed with anything you receive, flick us an email or text and with a pic and we’ll of course fix it up!