What's new?

Based on feedback we’ve solicited from our customers and community, we have made some changes to the website with the aim of improving the shopping experience and finding the info you need, when you need it.  Here’s a summary:

Menu changes.
Just a bit of a spring clean. You’ll find the shopping menu is all the same, and everything ordered the same way – just go to “Shop” to get going.

Do you add the same items to your basket each time you shop?  By adding an item to your favourites, it will be available for you to quickly add to your basket next time you shop.  Click on the “heart” icon to add something to your favourites.  Go to the “Heart” on the top right to load up your favourites list.

Order again.
Select a previous order to load directly into your cart.  The cart will still let you know if any items are currently out of stock. Click on the “loop” arrow icon to access your previous orders. 

Faster loading
Now faster. Not everyone is on a fast internet connection, so we’ve done some work to make screen loading and the final payment step faster.

Checkout ‘clear out’
Sometimes the checkout retained the items from a previous order even though the order was completed successfully. It doesn’t any longer!

Items out of stock when trying to checkout
You now get an informative warning if you order more of something than we have in available stock. (eg, if you order 4 of something we only have 3 left).  

What do you think of the changes? Got some other good ideas?  Let us know! [email protected]