Public Holiday Trading

Some of our supplier transports will be delayed a day on both the Anzac Day and QLD Labour Day holidays… Which will affect our delivery schedule.

So we won’t be able to deliver on Tuesdays 25th April (Anzac Day) or Tuesday 2nd May.

Deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday for these weeks will remain as normal, with Wednesday servicing the Southern suburbs, and Thursday to the north all the way to Red Rock.

Dorrigo Deliveries

We will only be delivering to Dorrigo on the Wednesday on these public holiday weeks.

Tuesday Subscription Orders:

On the weeks of Tuesday closures, all subscription orders normally set for Tuesday delivery will be delivered Thursday.

Going away??

Let us know if you need your subscription paused!!

Please let us know if you’d like any clarification.

Sarah, Django and the Bello Food Box team.