Umami Bomb Seasoning

Mount Elephant, VIC

Umami is the ultimate savoury flavour; earthy, salty and complex. With nutritious hemp seeds, a blend of exotic mushrooms, tamari and just a hint of chilli, this moreish sprinkle will elevate your every meal.

Simply sprinkle Umami Bomb on top of:

  • Rice dishes to blow your taste buds away
  • Noodles for extra earthy deliciousness
  • Stir-fry’s for a salty mushroom flavour

Ingredients: Hemp Seeds (80%), Tamari Powder (8%) (Soybean, Rice, Salt, Maltodextrin, Rice Bran Oil), Yeast Extract, Mushroom Powder (3%), Porcini Mushroom Powder (3%), Onion Powder, Ginger Powder, Chilli.

$9.75 70g

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Currently Unavailable