Sauerkraut – Ceres

Ceres Organics - Mt. Wellington NZ

Made simply from organically grown cabbage, fermented in its own natural juice. Crunchy and full of rich tangy deliciousness, this low carb food is awesome in sandwiches, salads, or as part of a meal.

Ceres Organics Sauerkraut is made traditionally in Germany – the origin of sauerkraut. It is simply naturally fermented white cabbage with salt, without the addition of starter cultures.

After fermentation, it is pasteurised to make the final product stable and safe, and to eliminate unwanted bacteria and alcohol. While this process does eliminate any “living” bacteria, the beneficial acids resulting from fermentation, including lactic acid, remain in the product.

Ingredients: Certified Organic White Cabbage 99%, Sea Salt

$5.95 680g

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