Magnesium Oil Spray – 200ml

Salts & Co. - Pooraka, SA

An all natural magnesium spray using only purified water and magnesium chloride (with 41.9g of elemental magnesium per 100ml) making it gentle enough for daily use while still providing effective relief from the symptoms of magnesium deficency.

A combination of a modern lifestyle, refined diet and intense excercise can quickly deplete our natural stores of magnesium making us feel tired, slowing our muscle recovery and affecting our sleep patterns. Our SaltsAndCo Australia Magnesium Oil is the perfect pick me up to increase magnesium levels and get you back on track. Use daily.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Magnesium Chloride (41.9g elemental Magnesium per 100g).

$22.50 200ml

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Currently Unavailable