Kehoe’s Fermented Garlic Paste

Kehoe's Kitchen - Brisbane QLD

Fermented, Raw & Probiotic.

Made with 100% Australian grown certified organic garlic.

Garlic is fully fermented before being jarred. This fermentation pre-digests the garlic making it easier to tolerate as the fermentable sugars (FODMAPs) are already fermented.

Probiotic strains and quantity vary from batch to batch. Probiotics may cause gas in the jar.

Ingredients: 92% certified organic Australian garlic, filtered water, sea salt, vegan culture.

USE: Keep refrigerated. Use it raw to make probiotic bruschetta, salad dressing or aioli. Take a teaspoon straight up if you’re feeling sick. Or add to curries, stirfries and pasta as you would normal garlic. It’s best to add to hot dishes at the end of the cook once the heat is switched off to maintain maximum nutritional benefits.

$16.95 200g

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