Botanical Tonic Probiotic Drink – Green Apple w/ Chamomile & Jalapeno

Green St Kitchen - Perth, WA

Inspired by traditional “Jamu”, a medicinal tonic with origins deep in the Indonesian tropics where it has been used for centuries for good health and well being.

Green St Kitchen took this ancient healing tonic and reinvented it to be a living natural probiotic drink! (as traditional Jamu is made by cooking the ingredients together hence killing the good living bacteria in the fresh ingredients).

Quality fresh ingredients are used then developed into unique and punchy flavour profiles. GSK then wild ferment the brew using naturally occurring lactic bacteria’s in the fresh ingredients and natural sugars to create a botanical tonic range that is like no other.

The botanicals are not kombucha, nor are they juice, they are a unique product with a wealth of health benefits and is here to shake things up!

These botanical tonics, unlike kombucha, are super low in wild yeasts which give them a much cleaner and subtle flavour, not only this but they are also nicer to your gut.. As yeasts can harm your digestive system.

When looking at fermented drinks be sure to check the ingredient lists.. Some drinks claim to ‘sugar free’ but if they are sweet then maybe ask yourself what’s in them to make them so sweet! Many artificial sweeteners are actually worse for you than sugar.. We use no sweeteners in these botanicals, organic cane sugar is fermented and once the fermentation process is finished they contain no more than 2% residual sugar.

Ingredients: Green apple, chamomile, jalapeño, ginger, lemongrass & live vegan cultures

$5.95 350ml

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Currently Unavailable