Originally formed in 2010 by a committee of dedicated local community members at the Northbank Community Garden, the Bello Food Box is now a small independent company servicing areas from Bellingen to Dorrigo, Macksville to Arrawarra.

Headquarters is our 100 acre property in the magical Thora valley, where we are busy establishing a small scale organic polyculture farm, developing our network of local organic growers and raising a beautiful young family – any spare time we find is spent floating in the river or jumping in the ocean!

Coming from a diverse background of Ayurvedic Medicine, Agricultural Economics, Film & Design, we left the city life behind to pursue a more simple and satisfying existence – and our shared love of good food, the outdoors and good health, brought us together to be where we are now – bringing healthy nutritious food to you!

We will continue to work on improving what we do every day and hope that you enjoy the service that we offer – it means the world to us!!

And thanks a bunch – we couldn’t be doing this without you 🙂